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Knoxville Photographer | Kurt K. Weiss Photography

Artistic Vision


My global experience working in 38 countries across five continents opened my eyes to the remarkable diversity of human culture and points of view. By paying close attention to what is happening around me, I capture the moments that go unnoticed or recorded by the casual observer. In my photography, I seek to avoid photographic clichés and instead catch the single moment which reveals a deeper truth. My body of work is an attempt to see the world from a fresh perspective.


My work reflects the simple style, grace, and elegance in what can be the most mundane scenes – a bottle cap on a window sill, a Valentine’s Day candy heart, a sculpture mirrored in a fountain in Versailles, a small child on the beach in St. Martin, a girl gleefully running through a public fountain, the actress Dale Dickey showing her strength and vulnerability wearing a new hat sitting on the loading dock, a young woman gazing in the mirror at her reflection, and two men in a canoe drifting through the fog on the Tennessee River. These are the moments when I feel most inspired.


My best work is often unplanned and spontaneous. I believe the future is completely unpredictable. I never know what is going to happen next. So to prepare, I look into my heart (which is the source of my work) to see where I should pay attention and photograph what moves me. Photography is an intuitive experience. Creating photographs helps me pay attention to what is going on around me.


Finally, my artistic vision is to see beyond seeing – to move the viewer with the same feeling I felt when a photograph was taken. Also, I want the viewer to experience the world from a distinct perspective with the awe that comes from looking at things differently.


Professional Memberships


  • Wedding and Portrait Professional International
  • Tennesseans for the Arts
  • The Arts and Culture Alliance of Greater Knoxville
  • Past President of the Board, the Joy of Music School – an 11 year old non-profit music education organization that provides free musical instruments and music instruction to 180 disadvantaged children (ages 6-18) per week in Knoxville, Tennessee.